5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. Trader Joe’s Nourish Shower & Bath Cleansing Oil with Almond Oil

The body care section at Trader Joe’s has been FIRE 🔥 lately. Case in point: Nourish Shower & Bath Cleansing Oil with Almond Oil, which is the TJ’s dupe for the fancy schmancy $25 L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil. It’s a rich, thick hydrating oil that turns into a milky wash when it comes into contact with water, and I think you’ll love it if 1) you have dry skin, or 2) if you wear lots of sunscreen and you despise the elbow grease required to remove it, or 3) a combination of the two.

trader joes nourish cleansing oil

The key to making the most of it, I’ve found, is to rub a small blob of it on my skin while my skin’s dry before I get into the shower or bath. That way, I can fully work in the product without it washing off immediately. Then, when I get into the shower, that’s when I like to build it up into an aromatic, almond-scented moisturizing milk. I use a soft wash cloth to gently exfoliate my skin, but hands and bath poofs work too.

2. Trader Joe’s Hydrating Hyaluronic Body Gel Cream

This is SO GOOD that I bought a backup bottle! I like how quickly this unscented gel cream absorbs, but don’t get it twisted… It might feel light, but it packs a major moisturizing wallop. I highly suggest applying this after showering with the Cleansing Oil! You’ll feel like you just spent the day at a spa.

trader joes nourish gel cream

3. Trader Joe’s Low Fat Lemon Yogurt

Try not to be weirded out by the bright yellow color, because as far as lemon-flavored yogurts go, this one’s tops. It isn’t too sweet or tart, has a wonderfully rich texture, and it tastes like dessert. YUM!

trader joes lowfat lemon yogurt

4. My Meyer Lemon Tree

Speaking of lemons, remember the Meyer Lemon tree I got last year? Well, IT FINALLY HAS TINY LITTLE LEMONS ON IT! Every time I walk by it, the little lemons are bigger and bigger. I’m not expecting a bumper crop of lemons, though, because the plant isn’t in a huge pot, but I’ll take what I can get.

meyer lemon tree june 2021

5. Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Kids Mineral Sunscreen

I bought this bottle of Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Kids Mineral Sunscreen for Connor (she starts camp this week and will be having many outdoor adventures), but I like it so much that I’m thinking of getting a couple bottles just for myself. She has trouble with sunscreen stinging her eyes, and this physical, mineral-based sunscreen, which has zinc oxide 21.6% as the active ingredient, is the only one that doesn’t seem to bother her.

neutrogena kids sheer zinc mineral sunscreen

Most mineral sunscreens usually take FOREVER to rub in, but this one absorbs quickly, WHICH I LOVE, and although the white/purplish cast is kinda intense at first, after 10 minutes you can’t really see it.

It’s extremely water resistant (a huge plus!), so you need to use either an oil-based cleanser or some type of cleansing balm to fully remove it. On me, I’ll use the TJ’s Cleansing Oil, and for Connor’s little kid skin, I use just the tiniest bit of Avene XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil.

What have you been loving lately?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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