5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. These pink trees

I wish I knew what kind of trees these are because they’re blooming all over Marin County right now. Only thing is…I think I might be wildly allergic to the flowers, because every time I stand next to one I start sneezing and get a stuffy nose.

Aren’t they beautiful though?! I wish I had one in my front yard.

2. Trader Joe’s Almond Butter-Filled Pretzel Nuggets

Pretzels nuggets stuffed with almond butter might sound basic, but gosh, these are wildly addicting. Salty and sweet, and that pretzel crunch is so satisfying. It’s almost too easy to eat the entire bag in one sitting.

trader joes almond butter pretzel nuggets

trader joes pretzel nuggets

3. Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Super Extender


This cleaning gadget is a long pole that extends to six feet long; on the ends are two heavy duty Swiffer Dusters, which are these awesome fluffy disposable dusting mitts that grab each and every piece of dirt within striking distance.

I’ve been using my Heavy Duty Extender to clean and dust everything — walls, ceilings, blades on the ceiling fans, windows, light fixtures on the ceiling, shelves, even the very tops of the door frames and doors. It’s also great for quickly dusting baseboards because you don’t have to bend down or get on your knees.

Make sure you get the one that extends to six feet, though, because there’s also a shorter version, which works too, but having that extra length sure helps! I think the longer one takes it to the next level.

4.All the body creams (especially the exfoliating ones)

Give me rich creams! Especially the exfoliating ones with all the AHAs and BHAs. I wanna shed those layers of skin, quite literally!

Of course, the former English major in me is interpreting this to symbolically mean that I’m yearning to leave behind all of the crusty metaphorical layers of the last year, ha!

I’m currently rotating among First Aid Beauty KP Smoothing Body Lotion With 10% AHA, Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion with AHA, Bloom Effects Tulip Nectar Skin Repair Body Balm and Pixi Glycolic Body Lotion.

5. My NARS Pro Palette with all of the classic eye colors

I made this eye palette back in 2015 (!), and yes, I still love and use it.

Side note: I’m not entirely convinced that one needs to replace their powder shadows as often as brands and beauty mags claim we do. All of the powder products in my palette still work great and don’t smell funky or seem “off,” so I’m going to keep using them, but you know, you do you, boo.

Anyway, I have all of the classic, old-school NARS colors in it, and of all the NARS palettes I’ve ever used, this is the only one I still wear often.

I’m thinking that from this point onward, eye palettes that allow me to hand pick my own colors are the way to go. That way there’s no dead weight!

What have you been loving lately?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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